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Please note that at present I do not have availibility for any new supervisees.

I do still have availibility for consultancy and one-off supervision. 

Are you a counsellor looking for a change in supervision? Perhaps you work in mental health and are looking for some professional and personal support. Or maybe a professional looking for some guidance or insight into a particular issue. 

As a psychotherapist for over 10 years and a fully qualified supervisor, I have a variety of insight and experience in areas such as;

  • Working with young people
  • Supporting staff in safeguarding roles
  • Passionate special interest in anger
  • Working in a cycle aware way
  • Running a private practice
  • Managing wellbeing and self care in a caring profession


I’ll let you into a secret – I never set out to become a supervisor! I actually resisted the idea because I worried that it was too much responsibility for me. When I began my supervision training, that was when I really understood what supervision is all about.

It’s about collaboration. Surprise surprise – it’s about relationship. The one I have with you, you have with me and all around and in between us. We hold the reins of responsibility together. I work with the Proctor and Seven Eyed models of supervision – which basically means that in addition to considering the context of all of those relationships, I work in a way which holds your wellbeing as a practitioner at utmost importance.

I’m a relationally person centred psychotherapist, and have been in practice for over ten years. You can find more about my qualifications and special interests on my about page and in my blog. I have experience of working with ages 11+, working in a school setting, organisations and in private practice.

Sessions are online, £66 for 90 minutes with concessions for trainees. Availability varies, usually Wednesday and Thursday daytime and early evening – this is all available for you to book anytime and around what works best for you.

If you have any questions about working with me, or want to find out if we might be a good fit, then you can email me or go ahead and book yourself in for a free intro chat!


Whether you are a professional working in mental health, a therapist, or someone who is supporting another with their wellbeing – I can offer one off consultancy sessions. 

Some therapists have used these for space to look at how they begin in setting up private practice. It may be that you have a specific issue relating to anger or cycle awareness and you need someone who may be able to offer support and insight. Or you may be supporting adults or young people in your role, and need to get some support around your work. There are all kinds of things you may be able to use this for, so the best thing to do it pop over an email to me with an idea of what you need and I can work with you to see if I can be of help. 

A consultancy session begins at £65 for 60 minutes, but I am open to offering longer or shorter sessions depending on what your needs are.

[Please note these sessions are not therapy, and only suitable for professionals who need support in their work or business.]

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